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New Days OFF according Reform to Decree # 42-2010

New Days OFF according Reform to Decree # 42-2010Eight years ago Guatemalan Congress passed a law to promote the national tourism using the holidays dates to generate extended week end so people can have a better use of their holidays. So this new modification introduce the following changes  
This law is only for the following days : 1st of may30th of june20th of octoberen futures days in futures laws  What happen then...?
Two situations: When the holiday coincides on Tuesday or Wednesday,   Enjoy the day immediately preceding Mondayif it occurs on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, will enjoy the nextMonday immediately.But the following days are excluded  which means they are taken the day they are following on , they don't move 1st of januaryhald wednesday, thursday and friday of Easter week 10th of may15th of september1st of novemberhald day of the 24th of december25th of decemberhalf day of 31st of januaryand the day of the Saint Patron of the village, city..

 Below the spanish v…

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