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Guatemala Real Estate Closing cost

The Guatemalan Real Estate Closing cost

In Guatemala, a foreigner has no limitation in acquiring apartment, house, hotels, condos, land ...
The major difference will be in the quality of ownership title you will be getting as there are different form of owning a property.
The majority of the cases you will be acquiring titled property. A regular deeded property on which you can do title search. A title that is guaranteed by the Guatemalan government because registered versus squatters rights for example.

There are no taxes exemption and the buyer is the one that is expected to pay for these costs which are :
the notary fee which are for transferring and registering (if applicable) the property.
the VAT (IVA) or Stamps Tax on Titled properties to the government.

These cost may amount from 5% to 17% of the total cost of the transaction.

One thing that is important to understand that in Guatemala prices given to the public by law must includes the VAT.
Now with the real estate trans…

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