Amsclae, the government entity in charge of the protection of the wáter quality of  Lake Atitlan, has four weather stations located  on the North side of the lake.

Tree of them are located above 2,000 m, and one at Panajachel level.

These stations are automatics weather station , Davis Brand, Model Vantage Pro2. Different from the convencional ones,  they are operated daily and present better calibration of their instrument.

Part of the interesting measurements collected are the following

-       Temperatures
-       Rain precipitation and % of humidity
-       Solar radiation and UV with a chart of máximum exposure time according the UV received in the área.

 I will look at the average of the station of Panajachel as most of the expats are located on the Panajachel altitute.


The average temperature are between 18.86 oC and 22.69 oC
The lowest ones are between 10.4 oC and 15.9 oC
The highest  between 30.5 oC and 31.1 oC

The averages show very Little change through out the year. Making it a very pleasant environment to live in.

In 2015 se rainy started in April and finished in Octobre. September received the most wáter with 453.8 mm.  The dryest month was July which correspond with the “canicula” normally a small dry times during the rainy season. Last year last the full month.

Here are the statistics provided by Bill from Jaibalito who has a long record of rain statistics for 2016.
It might no reflect the exact quantity of water but it is a picture of the trend.
and for 2016 we can note the following..
  1. Lowest year in 11 years of collection of record.
  2. June always the rainiest over the years.

UV Radiation over 2 years period. 

As you can see the in 2015 the radiation have been higher than the year 2014.
Below is the indice of exposure according the skin colour.
Then the level of the indice is over 12 to 15 all year long which is very high. 
And with these numbers you can see in the chart we are in the colour fushia which is very high..
So recommendation don't stay to long under the sun.

Consequences for the lake and lake front resident.
  1.  Let rain mean the lake didn't rised more than last year level
  2.  Means pier to lower.
  3.  Trend looks like for the moment the lake rise is stop and we might see a recess
  4.  Less rain mean less nutritient coming into the lake. 
  5. Temperature is comfortable
  6. UV radiation high so be covered long sleeves, hat, always wear sunscreen.

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